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Kitchen Aid
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Blender Artisan KitchenAid nichel satinato

€ 279,00
Discount: € 30,00

Blender Artisan KitchenAid nichel satinato

Product details


Frullatore Artisan KitchenAid crema

€ 199,00
Discount: € 20,00

Frullatore Artisan KitchenAid crema

Product details


Frullatore Artisan KitchenAid rosso imperiale

€ 211,65
Discount: € 37,35

Frullatore Artisan KitchenAid bianco

Product details


KitchenAid CookProcessor rosso

€ 949,00
Discount: € 50,00

KitchenAid COOK PROCESSOR NERO ONICE robot multifunzione con cottura

Product details


Robot KitchenAid Artisan bianco

€ 525,00
Discount: € 104,00

Impastatrice Planetaria KitchenAid bianco

Product details


Robot KitchenAid Artisan fucsia metallizzato

€ 525,00
Discount: € 94,00

Impastatrice Planetaria KitchenAid fucsia metallizzato

Product details


Robot KitchenAid Artisan macadamia metallizzato

Impastatrice Planetaria KitchenAid Artisan macadamia metallizzato

Product details


Robot KitchenAid Artisan meringa

€ 525,00
Discount: € 104,00

Impastatrice Planetaria KitchenAid meringa

Product details


Robot KitchenAid Artisan rosso imperiale

€ 549,95
Discount: € 97,05

Impastatrice Planetaria KitchenAid rosso imperiale

Product details

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