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Riedel is a manufacturer of high-quality crystal wine glasses and related glass products based in Kufstein, Austria. Originally established in Bohemia in 1756, the company has been owned by the same family for more than 250 years.

Riedel is the originator of the concept of having many different glasses with characteristics designed to enhance specific types of wines. These range from the short, narrow-mouthed port glass, holding around 250 mL, to the balloon-shaped Burgundy glass, capable of holding an entire bottle of wine.

In theory, the different shapes direct the wine to different parts of the mouth, emphasizing the best characteristics of the class of wines. Another characteristic of Riedel glasses is that they are designed to hold a small amount of wine relative to the volume of the glass, allowing the aroma of the wine to collect in the bowl.

The handmade mouth-blown crystal wine glass collection, Riedel Sommelier, is regarded as the finest in the world by many wine professionals.



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